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Weekly Lesson Outline for Sociology

Welcome to Learning the Social Sciences!  The following is an outline showing how I teach Sociology to my students.  I have taught Sociology since 2009 and love the course and the discussions the topics brought up in the classroom.  The materials listed below are on my TeachersPayTeachers site or from other places on the web.  If you have any questions at all, email me at

This schedule is based on a 45-60 minute course.  If you operate on a block schedule or another type of schedule, adjustments would need to be made.

Day 1: Welcome to Sociology!  Start with the Day 1 Questionaire to get to know the students.  Next I go over all of the necessary classroom items like handing out the syllabus and going over how the class operates.  Then my students go through the First Day Sociology Stations Activity.  Sometime this runs into being a two day activity if my class is larger.

Day 2:  Start with the What is Sociology part of the PowerPoint (slides 1-6).  Hand out the What are the Social Sciences reading for students to work on the rest of the hour.  You can decide how much of the activity they do.  If you have a short class, the reading will be enough, if you have a longer class, you can do the activity as well.

Day 3: I start off class with question 2 from the Exit Slips, Next I go through slides 7-10 on the PowerPoint, then I hand out the Sociological Imagination assignment.

Day 4: I start off class with going over slides 11-14 to introduce some early sociologists.  Next, I have my students do the stations activity.  You can split the stations activity up over 2 days by having them go through 4 a day if need be for time.  The 3rd exit slip can be done at the end of the activity.

Day 5:  Play Crash Course Episode 1.  Then go through notes 15-19.  Next either finish the stations activity or hand out the one-pager project.  I tend to give the students a couple of days to finish this.

Week Two: Introduction to Sociology

Day 1:  Start of by going over exit slip 4 or 5Cover slides 20-23.  Have the students work on their one-pager.

Day 2: Watch episode 2 of Crash Course.  Go over slides 24-29.  Answer Exit Slip Questions 6 & 8.

Day 3:  Go over slides 30-36.  Hand out the Color the Perspectives Activity!

Day 4: Watch Freaks and Geeks or review for the test

Day 5: Test Day (if you do tests in Sociology) or go over Careers in Sociology.

Unit Bundle

Week Three: Research Methods in Sociology

Day 1:  

Day 2: Research Methods PowerPoint

Day 3: Likert Survey

Day 4: 

Day 5:

Unit Bundle

Week Four: Culture

Day 1:  

Day 2: 

Day 3: 

Day 4: 

Day 5:

Unit Bundle

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