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Learning the Social Sciences seeks to help all teachers to provide a high quality social studies education to their students so we can equip the next generation of citizens with valuable tools to be successful with life.  One of the major challenges to social studies teachers is the sheer amount of items that they need to cover.  As my department likes to say, "Social Studies, We Teach All the things."  We have a long list of content areas within our spectrum, from history to government, psychology to sociology, economics to geography, and more!  We also cover reading and writing, we jump into sciences as we teach about the brain or the Scientific Revolution.  We teach statistics in psychology and math in economics.  Art and art history falls in our laps along with music.  If you think of any subject area, social studies most likely relates to it in some fashion.  

We help give students a compass for life.  We equip them with skills to know how to manage their money and how to relate to their future coworkers.  We help reduce anxiety by allowing students to see how the past can be seen in the present and how we can use that knowledge to better our future. 



This blog covers topics related to the social sciences and to teaching in general.  I strive to write articles that will help teachers find tidbits to use in their classroom to help prepare our students to be confident, knowledgeable, and successful adults once they leave school. I like to write about technology in the classroom, social studies methods, being a teacher in general, and how to find balance with work, family, and other obligations.

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Learning the Social Sciences on YouTube

The YouTube Channel has various lectures on history, psychology, and more!  It has how to videos for tech and best practices advice!  There are items for elementary students, middle school, and high school.  Check it out today!

Teachers Pay Teachers


If you are looking for quality products to help you in your classroom, then head on over to the Learning the Social Sciences Teachers Pay Teachers store!  There are items for various subject areas, not just social studies!  I have a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology and I LOVE to create items for teaching tech!  I also create various items to help with writing.